Hello, my name is Monica.

Product Designer, Art Director

Oh good, you're here!

I am delighted to share my work with you.

Product Design Systems

Product Designer at a component and system level. Creating a comprehensive set of design guidelines and documentation to guide design teams and developers throughout the construction of their digital experiences. Design team implementation through utilization of shared component libraries, podcasts, style guides, design reviews, user research, principles, written content, and visual properties.

Art Direction

Conducting 75+ design reviews with a goal of bringing consistency and establishing guidance to product spaces.


Designing intuitive interfaces for users on multiple platforms. Achieving results through user testing, market research, wireframes, and prototypes.


Making things move in a static world – one keyframe at a time. Whether the project is a Hulu advertisement or an interaction based state change, subtle movements can enhance experiences.


Crest Smile Advisor App
and Oral-B

Kroger Design System –
Style Guide


(i tend to work on blue brands)